SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe recent terrorist attacks showcase our vulnerability to unexpected attacks and the threat remains serious and real.
The idea of “designing defense” needs to be rooted strongly in our minds to achieve the common goal of successful anti-terrorism measures.
Most of the government organizations and secured compounds are under the shadow of security threats.

The anti-terrorism solutions need to be focused primarily on the impact resistance of the employed security device.
There are certain easy to follow measures that help to reach a superior anti-terrorism solution. It can be outlined as:
Think sensibly and freely about the security device
Security plans are influenced by certain trade-offs like comfort, cost, convenience and many more. Making a sensible decision depends on the changing environment and hence traditional security devices must be replaced with technically advanced measures.

Anti-terrorist or Retractable bollards
One of the most effective anti-terrorist solutions is to use an indispensable device like security bollards.
The ability of these bollards to resist the impact of vehicles that approaches at higher speeds are well utilized as a security measure at public places and even at nuclear power plants. Highly secured compounds make use of ktested bollards and retractable bollards to defend the intruders and vehicle attacks.

High security arm barriers
It offers the ideal security solutions at public areas like bus stands, army bases and harbors.
Arm barriers are perfect for heavy duty operations whereas “Two ton arm barriers” are best option for temporary compounds and border check points.

Permanent perimeter protection measures
Perimeter security is of top concern today and finding the right perimeter protection devices may not be challenging if you get the suggestions from an expert security official.
Crash tested bollards with higher “k-rating” would be your first choice as a security device.
The mode of operation may also be considered while you select a device.
Go for those devices that allow remote control or automatic mode of operation.

Focusing on certain minute security details may be quite helpful in tackling terrorist attacks to a wider extend.