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UVEYE – 3 Dimensional Under Vehicle Inspection System

Get a Heads-Up with Detailed Distance Detection

Are you responsible for the security of a certain area? Then you will know the importance of early detection, especially from a distance. That’s where the UVEYE (3 Dimensional Under Vehicle Inspection System) from El-Go comes into its own. At El-Go Team we know the pressure of protecting lives and our unique technology is aimed at preventing disasters which cause unnecessary suffering and death. When it comes to security systems, El-Go Team has been in the forefront for more than two decades, developing and manufacturing sophisticated products to meet any and every security demand. We specialize in access control systems and anti-terror protection.

Whatever the size or nature of your area of concern, from Government buildings to hotels and parking lots, and from air- and sea-ports to prisons and power plants, we can provide you with the unique knowledge and techniques which combine to make the UVEYE an indispensible system when it comes to preventing the intrusion of unwanted vehicles and personnel.

The Under Vehicle Inspection System consists of a set of four cameras which provide the operator with a detailed 3D high resolution, color image of the undercarriage of every vehicle entering and exiting the secured area. It is remotely computer operated, facilitating the detailed distance detection of any suspicious object or potential threat. Objects from as small as 0.5cm (0.2”) in diameter can be clearly seen as the cameras rotate in order to penetrate hidden nooks and crannies. Both day and night color images effectively draw the inspector’s attention to any irregularities and suspicious objects while the zoom and pan interface functions give added clarity.

If it is speed you need, the Under Vehicle Inspection System can handle a traffic flow of up to 20 vehicles per minute, relaying a pre-processed, scanned image to the operator within two seconds, even if vehicles are travelling at a speed of up to 45 km per hour (28 mph). Any size and height of vehicle from 15cm – 120cm (6” – 47”) can be processed, from private cars and motorcycles to trucks and military vehicles. With the use of LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras, the undercarriage footprints are automatically stored in the database, together with the details of driver and number plate, and can be retrieved at any time.

If the Under Vehicle Inspection System is what you need to enhance your security and give you that peace of mind knowing you have a heads-up on any approaching vehicle, then contact us at [email protected] At El-Go Team we know security.


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