El-Go Team Knows Security

EL-GO TEAM, a global leader in the Security and Access Control field, develops, manufactures, and supplies superior and highly reliable products, while striving to accede customers’ satisfaction.

EL-GO TEAM is constantly generating new horizons for the Anti-Terror Protection and Security domains through its innovative know-how expertise engineering platform.

Providing turnkey solutions EL-GO TEAM has the ability to flexibly address a wide range of requirements and field constraints to increase site security.

We offer a wide variety of products that are meant to prevent an intrusion of unwanted vehicles and personal into secured compounds.

EL-GO TEAM’s mastering capabilities in the relevant technologies enable it to provide smart solutions that rely on over 20 years of innovation.

Before each delivery we make sure all our products stand up to the highest quality standard. Whether it’s an Arm Barrier, an electric activated Bollard, or Road Blocker we thoroughly verify its functionality.

The control box of the Access Control protective products are being carefully tailored by professionals, using the most reliable components available in the market today.

Our systems can be operated both manually or automatically, using any commonly used technologies today, such as LPR, Remote controls, Cellular, magnetic cards, biometric identification, etc.

El-Go Team Knows Security

EL-GO Team Develops, Manufactures and Markets:

-High Security Anti Crash Bollards

-Buried barriers

-Arm Barriers

-Under Vehicle Scanning Systems

-Spikes Systems

-Computerized Control Systems

-Traffic Lights

-Drive Units


-Safety accessories



EL-GO TEAM’s products have successfully passed crash tests and stand the highest certification standards:

– ASTM F2656-07 M50 (DOS K12)

– ASTM F2656-07 M40 (DOS K8)

– ASTM F2656-07 M30 (DOS K4)



EL-GO TEAM is maintaining ISO9001 & ANAB accreditations

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