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    EL-GO TEAM Introduces Modular Traffic Light System

    EL-GO TEAM has developed a unique Modular Traffic Light system featuring LPR (License Plate Recognition), an intercom, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and a push-button panel. The system provides security and access control for various compounds, buildings or infrastructure.

    EL-GO TEAM’s Security Bollards to Secure Israeli Prime Minister’s State Residence

    EL-GO TEAM will deploy retractable security Bollards for protection of the Israeli Prime Minister’s State Residence in Jerusalem.

    Street-Smart Management System

    EL-GO TEAM has launched Street-Smart Management, an innovative platform offering full access control and monitoring of streets, zones and cities. Street-Smart Management ensures and enforces security for the designated zone.

    EL-GO Team Launches Unique Electrical Actuator for Security Bollards

    EL-GO TEAM has launched an advanced electrical actuator for its Security Anti Crash Bollard series. The Electrical Actuator is environmentally friendly, as it is oil-free, with a high-energy efficiency of 87%.

    El-Go Team’s Vehicle Security Barriers

    Vehicle barriers are designed to stop or destroy vehicles deliberately driven to the protected areas. These barriers are capable of stopping a vehicle that attempts to break the barrier. Installing vehicle security barriers can prevent a potential attack and to reduce the consequences.

    METIS – Super Stylish, environment-friendly All-electric High-Security Bollards

    EL-GO TEAM has launched its new METIS, a K-4 surface- or shallow-mounted SLIDING bollards.

    Case Study Tashkent Uzbekistan Airport

    Over the last three decades, the ELGOTEAM Security Systems have been on the forefront in the development, manufacturing, supply, and installation of high-end security systems in airports and government buildings. By constantly generating state-of-the-art [...]

    Case study – EL-09-1 in Russia

    While the EL-GO TEAM boasts over 30 years of experience in designing, developing, manufacturing, supply, and installation of security solutions, they still face challenges, which require specialized skills and expertise [...]



    ELGOTEAM Announces Availability of New, Proprietary Super Shallow Bollard

    At ELGOTEAM, our team is constantly searching for new ways to exceed customer expectations. With this goal in mind, we have recently tested a new bollard, the super shallow bollard BLG-02-SM-200.

    Are you wondering, what’s the big deal? A bollard’s a bollard, right?