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  • Specifications

    Electric arm barrier model EL–04 developed and manufactured by EL GO TEAM LTD.
    Top quality arm barrier EL-04
    Up to 4-Meter Arm Length
    Suitable for heavy duty operation, therefore functional especially for Airports / Harbor Entrances, with large volume traffic, for allowing passage of authorized vehicles only.
    Materials: aluminum arm Ø 76mm
    Weight: 72 Kg (body) + 4 Kg (arm)
    Back Cover: Black powder coating metal
    Front Cover: Yellow Vacuum Forming
    Dimensions: 460mm * 290mm * 1100mm
    Operating Temperature: -15°C to 80°C (0°f to 176°F)
    Controls: PLC Commander AC variable speed drive for 3 Phase induction motors
    Operating speed: 2-6 seconds,
    Operational frequency: 240 cycles per hour
    MCBF : 5 Million Cycles
    The barrier can be operated by a variety of control systems:Card reader system\ magnetic\ proximity
    Remote transmitter & receiver, Mobile Phone, RFID
    Guard station push button, LPR Cam.

  • Features
    • Electric arm barrier EL-04 (Up to 4 M arm length)
    • All weather housing
    • Unlimited operations per day
    • Power supply: 240V\110V 3 phase engine 0.5 HP, IP 55
    • PLC Controller
    • Frequency converter
    • 3 Phase engine
    • Adjustable dual direction operating speed
  • Projects
    • Commercial parking areas
    • Public entrance
    • Toll Road
    • Airport
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