K8 Portable Arm Barrier

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K8 Portable Arm Barrier – EL-09-1

  • Specifications

    Rapid installation: K8 Portable Arm Barrier. Eliminates the need for deep excavation. Can be easily moved between locations and to be reinstalled within 2-3 hours by 2 people on-site
    Made of concrete weights placed on the road, steel profiles arm with an inner steel cable and a very powerful Operating system Suitable for heavy duty operation
    Designed for Security Institutes, Airports, Harbor Entrances etc.
    Capable of handling large volume of traffic

  • Features
    • Concrete weights (4Ton each)
    • Portable, reinstallation needs only 2-3 hours, just plug & Play
    • No excavation needed
    • Impact Resistance K-8
    • Up to 6 meter net opening
    • Suitable for heavy duty operation
    • Minimum maintenance
  • Projects
    • Temporary compounds
    • Army bases
    • Border check points
  • Photos
  • Product PDF

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