Passive Road Spikes

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  • Specifications

    The SPK 03 is a Passive Road Spikes system.
    Every unit is 90cm long.
    Quick and simple installation procedure.
    Can be installed by anyone.
    Zinc coating is a standard.

  • Features
    • Length: 90 cm
    • Width: A. Erect teeth, 21.8 cm, B. Horizontal teeth, 23 cm
    • Height: A. Erect teeth, 9 cm, B. Horizontal teeth, 4.5 cm
    • Anchorage: 5 holes per anchor, 14 mm diameter each unit
    • Materials: ST-37
    • Body: base 5 mm, di
  • Projects
    • This Roadway Barrier is planned and manufactured by El Go Team Ltd.
    • Installation close to a stop sign or to the parking lot entrance/exit.
    • Purpose – to decrease speed, with appropriate signage, before the barrier.
    • One-way spike
    • Preve
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