Security Turnstile

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  • Specifications

    Model STS 01:
    Product: Security turnstile
    EL-GO Team’s solution for pedestrian traffic control.
    Our security turnstile is a unique (patented) product that combines heavy duty construction with speed, adaptability and safety. Dual-directional – can handle traffic in both directions.
    Doors can be left open for emergency traffic.

    Operation: Electric
    Measurements (out):2400mm (H), 1160mm (W), 1200mm (L)
    Measurements (in): 2100mm (H), 760mm (W), 1200mm (L)
    Speed: 6 seconds for each cycle (adjustable)
    Main Functions
    Dual Sided Operation – ability to change directions
    Lock-in and controlled release
    Power: 240V\110V 50-60Hz

    Operation unit:
    Engine and transmission based, with an exact location control.
    Transmission unit allows manual turning of the arms when power is off.

    Control Pad and Sensors:
    Control Pad supervises the entire range of operations.
    Sensors monitor registers an alert if a pedestrian is detained for any reason.
    A stepping sensor monitors the correct position of the body inside the turnstile.
    Edge sensors insure a controlled one person at a time operation.
    End of operation sensors for turning and lifting the arms.

    Lock-in operation:
    When a suspect or an unwanted person is recognized by the system a lock-in operation is activated.
    In this case the turnstile will allow a walk-in process but will lock the person inside by turning only 45degrees and not completing the full operation.
    The suspect is detained until a controlled and supervised release is performed.
    Release can then be activated on both sides of the turnstile.

    Emergency operation:
    The turnstile arms can be totally lifted to create a clear passage
    in an emergency situation.

    Benefits of the system:

    • One person at a time controlled operation.
    • Lock-in operation of suspect.
    • Adequate space available for examination of the suspect with-in the lock-in space.
    • Emergency clear passage operation.

    Additional options:
    • The turnstile can work in tandem with a metal detector, explosives detectors, or an x-ray detector in its main control unit.
    • Turnstile automatically enters silent lock-in mode when ever one of the units detects a problem
    • Control room is alerted automatically.

    Optional sensing units: Biometric, face\picture recognition, magnetic cards, picture/name data base, and any new technology can be added.

  • Features
    • dual sides operation.
    • Emergency clear passage.
    • Lock-in capability.
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Inner Sizes:
    • Height 210 cm
    • Width 70 cm
    • Length 120 cm
    • Weight 270 KG
    • Outer Sizes:
    • Height 240cm
    • Width 110cm
    • Length 120 cm
  • Projects
    • Border \ Transition Checkpoint
    • Secured \ Closed Compounds
    • Army \ Police Bases
    • Schools
    • Banks
    • Industrial zone
    • Hospitals
    • Prisons
    • Government buildings.
    • Foot Ball \ Basket Ball Arena
    • Office Building’s Lobby \ Entrance
    • Airport Terminal
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