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Protect Your Site from Unwanted Foot Traffic with a Security Turnstiles

Securing property is a multi-faceted issue. In today’s world criminals are sneakier than ever, smarter than ever and have access to more sophisticated technology than ever, rendering their missions to cause mayhem easier than ever. Security turnstiles system manufacturers like EL-GO Team understand the ever-evolving nature of keeping people and places safe and with twenty years of expertise their foolproof designs will never fall short of doing just that.

Putting together a security strategy will be one of the most fundamental steps to take in any building or event planning effort. How can a site, keep only a select group of people from entering while ensuring others do not? EL-GO answered this quandary with a variety of high-quality and crash tested security barriers, including under vehicle surveillance systems, road blocks, arm barriers and security turnstiles. These devices can prevent vehicle and pedestrian threats from getting close to or entering a site by allowing only authorized people access through the designated barrier. Security turnstiles are a great way to control foot traffic where traditional bollards and arm barriers wouldn’t suffice.

Turnstiles resemble metal cages with a door like a piece that pivots around a central pole. Security turnstiles are used in sporting arenas, prisons, hospitals, military bases, police stations, border crossings, banks, subways, office lobby entrances and in many other facilities that need to keep track of who comes and goes.


Rectangular Roofed Security Turnstiles

This traditional type of security turnstiles serves as an optimized blockade from intruders or other unauthorized people. On either side of the turnstile, there is usually an advanced ID reader that will determine who has access to the secured site and who doesn’t. The unique and patented security turnstile offered by EL-GO gives the programmer customisable options for controlling pedestrian traffic.

Security Turnstiles

The turnstiles are dual-entry which gives the controllers the option to allow free entry and exit for emergencies, requires authorized entry and free exit, or require authorization to enter and exit. This kind of flexibility is crucial for those who are seeking to secure their sites as their security needs may change day to day. EL-GO’s turnstiles also allow for manual use in the event power is cut to the device and are equipped with highly sensitive sensors to prevent multiple people from entering on one pass. One of the most outstanding features of these innovative pedestrian barriers is the detainment activation operation. If an unauthorized person is attempting to gain access to your site the turnstile will allow a pass, but stops the arm from turning after 45 degrees, trapping the person inside the turnstile.


Security Turnstiles Additional Features

The security turnstile can be used in the company of a metal detector, x-ray machines and explosive detectors in addition to other traditional security barriers for enhanced protection. Any and all alarms or potential threats will be sent immediately to the control room for review.  EL-GO also utilizes advanced technology techniques to offer the option to include biometrics, face recognition sensors, and a picture database alongside their state-of-the-art security turnstiles.

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