Semi-Automatic Bollard

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The Semi-Automatic Bollard provide a secure and affordable option for access control

  • Specifications
    • Material: Stainless steel ST52
    • Operation: Semi Automatic 
    • Operated by: Key 
    • Weight:41 KG 
    • Diameter:217mm 
    • Finish treatment: Zinc Coating anti-corrosion 
    • Above Ground : 700mm 
    • Protection Level:IP68 
    • Working Temperature:-20C~50C 
    • Reflective stripe: 70mm around the bollard (Option- led light stripe for better visibility)
  • Features
    • The BLG-02-SA semi automatic retractable bollards provides a secure and affordable option for access control.
    • Impact Resistance K-4
    • Manual operation.
    • Access is blocked by raising the semi Automatic bollard.
    • No maintenance required
  • Projects
    • Designated Parking zone for Fire Fighters.
    • Entrances with low usage per day.
    • Semi Automatic Bollards are Used to Separate 2 lanes.
    • Suitable for locations that can not be excavated easily
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