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    ELGOTEAM Announces Availability of New, Proprietary Super Shallow Bollard

    At ELGOTEAM, our team is constantly searching for new ways to exceed customer expectations. With this goal in mind, we have recently tested a new bollard, the super shallow bollard BLG-02-SM-200.

    Are you wondering, what’s the big deal? A bollard’s a bollard, right?

    We are here to tell you – that’s not the case.

    Our new product is an innovative example of what new technology, perseverance, experience can do when challenged. Our latest bollard requires minimum excavation, while providing superior security results. Creating a perimeter that provides peace of mind is possible with the use of this bollard design.

    The super shallow bollards are offered as fixed or removable components.

    We are so confident in our new product, we have put it through the paces, conducting several tests to see its effectiveness and abilities.

    The Testing

    The super shallow bollards have passed the PAS68 and IWI-14 standard crash test. During these tests, a truck of 7.5 tons, driving at a speed of 48 kmh crashed into the bollard, with a result of zero penetration.

    According to the crash report, the bollard remained in place, and ready for the next potential breach.

    Installing Bollards with Minimal Impact

    The bollard mentioned above requires minimal excavation of just 200 mm. The frame of the bollard is just 175 mm deep, which makes it a smart option for urban settings where the infrastructure is often crowded and where a large amount of digging can’t be done.

    The bollard itself comes in a single piece, with the base and bollard built together. This setup makes installation much easier, and more affordable. The process simply requires you to dig a channel and lay the bollards next to one another to secure the perimeter. 

    The Importance of Easy Installation and Use

    Today, bollards are used for a wide array of purposes, including for construction zones, to ensure security, to protect people and buildings, as ram-raid applications, for terrorism prevention, asset protection, bicycle parking and more. There are many bollards that require a long and complex process to get them in place.

    This is simply not the case with the bollard mentioned above. The unique design and installation method used makes the entire process quick and easy. The bollard is ideal for any high-traffic, congested area where minimal disruption is needed. What’s even better is the superior way they can prevent vehicles from crossing the set perimeter.

    The EGLOTEAM’s New Bollards

    Creating a perimeter for any purpose doesn’t have to be a complex or time-consuming process. With the new bollard offered by EGLOTEAM getting the perimeter needed, quick and easy, is possible. The superior and innovative design of the bollards ensures zero penetration and no damage, making these particular bollards a smart, durable and extremely long-lasting investment for anyone who needs them.