Classic Turnstile

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  • Specifications

    Model STF 01:
    Product: Classic turnstile
    EL-GO Team classic Turnstile or otherwise known as the rectangular-roofed turnstile thanks to its shape is a classic solution to control pedestrian movement into a secured area. The Classic turnstile is designed to control and regulate passage using LED indicators located on both sides of the passageway.

    Measurements (out):2270mm (H), 1160mm (W), 1160mm (L)
    Measurements (in): 2040mm (H), 1160mm (W), 1160mm (L)
    Speed: 10 seconds default for entry.

    Power: 110-230V, 1 phase AC
    In case of 230V, Turnstile : 10A, Control panel: 2A

  • Features
    • Located on both sides of the passageway.
    • Available entry for one pass of 120 degrees.
    • Entry permission is valid for 10 seconds.
    • Controller located at the turnstile roof.
    • Available operations: controlled entry & exit, controlled entry and free exit or free entry and controlled exit.
  • Projects
    • Border Transition Checkpoint
    • Secured Closed Compounds
    • Army Police Bases
    • Schools
    • Banks
    • Industrial zone
    • Hospitals
    • Prisons
    • Government buildings.
    • Foot Ball Basket Ball Arena
    • Office Building’s Lobby Entrance
    • Airport Terminal
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