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Under Vehicle Surveillance System

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Under Vehicle Surveillance System: The Way to Safety

Recently, Brussels and Paris were under siege by radical terrorists wishing to cripple the two cities and bring the people to their knees. The loss of life was a tragedy and even with all of the existing security measures these kind of terrible events were able to be executed. At a time when the threat level of personal and national security is so high – equally high precautionary measures should be taken. This is why there are so many applicable uses for an under vehicle surveillance system (UVSS).

What is a UVSS?

An under vehicle surveillance system is a high-quality camera system which scans the undercarriage of passing vehicles to detect potential hidden threats or smuggling activity. The systems were designed to search for bombs and contraband that would otherwise go undetected. EL-GO Team knows that the threat of terror these days is higher than it’s ever been. They have used top-notch technology to make sure that no detail goes unnoticed.

EL-GO Team provides a unique under vehicle surveillance system: the 3DUVIS. This under vehicle surveillance system uses five color cameras to capture every angle of any undercarriage up to 3.5 meters wide. The system can scan, detect and compare images automatically making the security personnel’s job easier, safer and more effective. A bi-camera application sends undercarriage images and license plate images instantaneously for review, and the system itself can withstand a largely diverse climate from temperatures as low as -45 to as high as 85 degrees Fahrenheit without needing shelter or protection. At installation, five circulating fans are set appropriately to maintain a constant temperature of the system.

The under vehicle surveillance system can even recognize vehicle types and models for initial comparison, and the system itself has an anti-scratch and shatterproof lens with anti-condensation properties to prevent any image interference. It can be controlled remotely for personnel safety and can be easily integrated with any of the EL-GO Team other security barrier products for full protection. To top it all off, the user interface is incredibly friendly and prompt reports can be sent quickly, frequent visitors can be entered into the system to make access even quicker for “pre-approved” visitors. Vehicles can also be blacklisted or given temporary access.

There are two Where should we use them?

There are two types of under vehicle surveillance systems, permanent and mobile. The permanent systems are embedded underground for a stealthier approach to surveillance and the mobile units can be deployed to areas where there may be need for scans one day and not the next. Under vehicle surveillance systems were first developed by governmental agencies as a way to stave off terrorist attacks and to prevent material loss. Today, they are now more widely employed across the public and private sectors. Many mass transit options utilize these security devices in an effort to thwart terrorist and criminal activity.


Airports around the world have been ramping up security measures since the September 11th attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Centers in the United States. With body scans, random palm swabs, increased police presence and canine friends to sniff out risks, other lesser known precautionary measures like under vehicle surveillance systems are placed at major entry and exit points of the airport for further protection. These checkpoints allow all incoming and outgoing traffic to, be scanned thoroughly and recorded into a database by license plate recognition all without disrupting the flow of travel or needing personal intervention. Vehicles can travel up to 45 km\h (28mph) and a full scan can still be completed with EL-GO Team sophisticated under vehicle surveillance system.


As the threat level of attacks and unfortunate foul play increase worldwide, so must the security measures to protect people from unnecessary harm. Riding the rails is still a very popular method of transportation in Europe and a way many commuters get to and from work in the United States. Rail systems worldwide could benefit from the use of the inspection systems to survey the entire length and width of trains as they pass the unit. This allows security personnel to detect a threat in ways that manual inspections never could, it saves time and takes less manpower to accomplish, and it keeps the personnel at a safe distance while making more efficient assessments.


Border crossings are already a point of contention in many places. Every country wants to make sure that their borders are secure and they aren’t responsible for a terrorist attack or criminal activity taking place on their soil. With the under vehicle surveillance systems – border patrol jobs will be safer, offer more accurate risk assessments and will then provide viable records of everyone that comes and goes. The under vehicle surveillance system can detect something as small as 0.4*0.4cm so nothing slips under the radar. Using under vehicle surveillance system at border crossings will make nations feel more secure so they can continue to welcome global guests in their country.

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