ELGOTEAM Announces Availability of New, Proprietary Super Shallow Bollard

At ELGOTEAM, our team is constantly searching for new ways to exceed customer expectations. With this goal in mind, we have recently tested a new bollard, the super shallow bollard BLG-02-SM-200.

Are you wondering, what’s the big deal? A bollard’s a bollard, right?



Case Study Tashkent Uzbekistan Airport

Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Over the last three decades, the ELGOTEAM Security Systems have been on the forefront in the development, manufacturing, supply, and installation of high-end security systems in airports and government buildings.

By constantly generating state-of-the-art anti-terror and security products, ELGOTEAM has provided permanent solutions for organizations, especially those in open spaces, as well as those with runways and driveways.

Securing Underground Parkways With Shallow Mount System

As incidences of terrorism and drunk driving continue to increase around the world, the need to safeguard sensitive locations such as government buildings, airports, malls, and army bases has become imperative.

In the quest to address this issue, companies are investing time and resources to design and develop technologically advanced solutions that can prevent deaths associated with these vices.

British Embassy in Rome

Case study - EL-09-1

Location: Russia

While the EL-GO TEAM boasts over 30 years of experience in designing, developing, manufacturing, supply, and installation of security solutions, they still face challenges, which require specialized skills and expertise. One such problem is the installation of arm barriers in areas with extreme weather conditions.

In this particular case, we take a look at how our team installed a heavy duty arm barrier model EL-09- 1 in a snowy area where temperatures were extremely low.

El-Go Team meets all the necessary standards

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