Security Bollards

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Crash Certified Security Bollards

The term security bollards are used to define a short post which is vertical in design. This was originally used as a post on ships or on quays for the purpose of mooring. Today, this term is used to define a vast variety of structures which are used for either direct or control traffic on the road. A good example could be of posts which are arranged to be in a straight line in order to block the path of motor vehicles. This term is also, sometimes used to refer to short, fixtures which are post-like in appearance.

security bollards

Security Bollards

There are different kinds of security bollards which are used for different purposes. Some of the types are mentioned as follows:

Security Bollards are used to serve a certain purpose. From ensuring smooth foot traffic to prevention of cars entering a specific street, bollards can be effective barriers that don’t take up as much space. What’s more is that they’re pleasing on the eyes too. Some of the uses of bollards are mentioned below:

For guiding traffic

In this case, security bollards are meant as cues for drivers and they serve to create a safer and more responsible environment for driving. Such bollards are taller in length which allows them to be visible by drivers so that they are able to maintain a clear line of sight.

Bolt down bollards can be used alongside new or existing traffic management devices which include curbs, crosswalks, speed bumps, signage, and road barriers.

For Protection

Security bollards serve as barriers which are clear and easily visible in order to indicate areas which are not safe and are off-limits. This involves making use of steel pipe security posts that are created using steel of structural grade that is reinforced using concrete. This allows for the creation of barriers that are strong enough to withstand high-impact vehicle collisions. Security bollards can be used as standalone posts which can then be protected against corrosion by making use of plastic sleeves which are highly cost effective. This also serves to enhance the visibility of the bollards placed.

Access Control

Bollards can be used to restrict access to sensitive or off limit areas by having customized mountings installed on them. There is a wide range customizable posts along with different types of mountings which can be used for various applications, such as:

  • In order to allow for convenient access. And to restrict obstruction, removable mountings can be used.
  • No additional storage is required in the case of retractable bollards and they can be operated easily using a mechanism featuring single key-locking that is placed internally.
  • In the case of fold down bollards, no additional storage is required and they can be used as quick adjustments.

Pedestrian Bollards

Security Bollards used in pedestrian areas have lighting fixtures installed in them. These are placed to enhance visibility for the pedestrians. These make use of solar panels and energy management systems that help ensure that the lighting is automated which in turn guarantees better energy efficiency, requiring no additional conduits and wiring.

Visual Protection

In order to restrict access to sensitive areas, security bollards act as visual barriers that restrict the vision of drivers. If these security bollards are used effectively, they serve to regulate the traffic of vehicles, they serve to ensure an efficient flow of pedestrians, and lastly they are used to provide a clear line of sight.

Security Bollards are multipurpose structures that can be used in a number of ways to serve various purposes, from security to decorate, efficiently provided that they are used effectively.

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security bollards

Security Bollards


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