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    With tens of thousands of spectators in a confined space, Sports & Entertainment Venues are some of the most important spaces to ensure tight protection and security.

    Sports and entertainment unify and bring together populations. Events such as the World Cup of Soccer, the Superbowl, or the Olympic Games are signs of peace, unity and respect. Some of these stadiums can hold as many has 100,000 people in one place while regional stadiums may only seat in the thousands. Either way, the need to ensure that stadiums remain a safe place for sports and entertainment is higher than ever.

    EL-GO Team has been trusted, and delivered, providing creative solutions to secure some of these prestigious stadiums and venues. EL-GO Team’s security bollards, road blockers and other cutting-edge products have been used around Olympic Games, sports stadiums, and prestigious theatres. The solutions EL-GO Team provides not only help to ensure the safety of viewers and attendees, but also to support the ongoing and complicated logistics around any sporting or entertainment event.



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