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    Bike lanes, public transportation infrastructure, counterflow lanes, pedestrian hours: traffic control is becoming more complex. EL-GO Team’s solutions help you solve these challenges.

    In today’s ever-evolving traffic planning, city planners need to be sure they have the right tools to guarantee the most efficient and safe solutions. Whether it is shutting a street for a festival, a counterflow lane during rush hour, or a public transit lane during certain periods, traffic planning can be complex and require precise solutions.

    EL-GO Team has worked for more than three decades with our partners developing all-encompassing solutions for traffic planning needs. EL-GO Team’s Street-Smart Management System provides a central control solution for an entire city or area including controlling all bollards, barriers, or any other traffic-controlling device. This system can be controlled and monitored from a central control center providing real time insights and actionability. EL-GO Team has successful installed and operated this system on its hundreds of bollards around one of the leading cities in the Middle East.