22 בApril 2019
29 בApril 2019

High-Security Arm barrier Model EL-08-1 (K4 Certified)

With a sturdy, double aluminum arm & steel cable, the EL-08-1 arm barrier provides efficient and reliable protection in high-traffic areas. Besides being built in accordance to the K4 protection level, the EL-08-01 arm barrier features an elegant, classy, and trendy design, which makes it resonate with places that need stylish entrances such as bus stops, airports, and harbor entrances. Featuring an intuitive operating system and top-class access control, this top-notch security solution can extend up to 8 meters, and its arm is tightly locked when closed.

Atop the elegant design and heavy-duty operation, the K-4 certified EL-08-1 arm barrier comes in electrically and manually operated versions. Its fast action makes it ideal for areas that experience unlimited traffic. This barrier can also integrate other optional accessories to enhance security. These include loop detectors, electromagnetic locks, and traffic lights among many others. The EL-08-1 arm meets with K4 rating and can stop a 6.8-ton vehicle accelerated at 48kmph. While the EL-08-1 provides evincing strength, it does not look too menacing and therefore it blends perfectly with the surrounding architecture and other environmental features.

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Technial DataEL-08-1 (K4)
OperationElectric/ Manual
Arm Lengthup to 8m/26ft.
Arm TypeAluminium double arm+cable
Steel Cable1
Speed8 sec
ResistanceK4/6.8ton/ 48kph, 13600lbs/30mph
Operation per hour180
Operation temperatures-25+60C/13+140F
Optional accessorieselectromagnetic lock 500kg, loop detector, traffic lights, heating