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    Concrete barrier
    Vehicle Security Barriers


    Remote receiver

    The wireless dual-channel multifunctional receiver, operating in conjunction with two hand-held push-button transmitters, provides the remote control of any electronic equipment

    Flashing light

    Flashing Light, an integral part of our arm barrier system, Flashing in each open/close operation, very useful item for indicating/alerting of a working system.

    Rubber Safety pole

    TPU Polyurethane Safety Pole, Flexible reflective sheeting for high visibility, Unbreakable flexible spring design

    Up/Down Button

    Control Stations and enclosures solution, these are complete, ready to install, stations fitted with 1 to 3 buttons to cater for the most commonly encountered functions

    Rubber Safety pole

    TPU polyurethane safety pole


    Size: L2.00M H1.00M
    Colors: Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange.
    Added signpost per request


    Size: H50MM W250MM D350MM
    Ideal & effective to slow down vehicle driving speed without causing damage.
    Light weight
    Easy installation by one person
    Reflective color
    Flexible rubber – easy to adjust to the surface.
    U.V proof all weather resistance, damp oils and heavy load resistance.
    Weight 16 Kg/M


    Model LD2 supports 2 channel of loop detection.
    Micro processor based detection allows various functions, such as command and control of gates, arm barriers, detection and vehicle counts, drive direction detection.
    Main function of the loop detector is to detect the presence of a vehicle by measuring the inductance caused in a vehicle presence.
    A front loop detector interface switch allows tuning of frequency, sensitivity and various operating methods.
    Standard connector 11 pin, located at the back loop panel, allows connecting the loop detector to external devices (loop detection, power supply, and relay contactor)


    Our wheel lock is designed and built for small planes and vehicles.
    It is highly durable and zinc coated.
    It can be adjusted to fit almost any type of wheel.

    Rubber Bumper CATS EYES

    Size: W500mm D350mm H50mm (2 units)
    16 Kg/m