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    Case study – EL-09-1 in Central Europe

    BLG-02-SM-200 Shallow Mount Bollard

    The BLG-02-SM-200 Shallow Mount Bollard is a superb solution for the growing threat of car-ramming and other vehicular attacks. Terrorists have been increasingly using vehicles to target crowded civilian areas and other sensitive or high-profile sites, killing and wounding thousands of people worldwide. Our solution addresses this critical vulnerability quickly and effectively, enabling you to secure dense urban settings and other intricate environments and perimeters.

    The BLG-02-SM-200 is an easily installed fixed bollard that requires a super shallow foundation of only 175 mm (6.9"). This makes it ideal for urban areas and other high-density locations with vast underground infrastructure or limitations that hinder more traditional solutions. Our cutting-edge bollard comes with the PAS68 and IWA-14 impact test certification and has resisted a 7,500 kg truck traveling at 48 kmh (30 mph), with zero penetration. This innovative bollard is available in a variety of colors and finishes and seamlessly blends into any environment.

    EL-GO TEAM is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of anti-terror security & access control protection systems. We leverage our 20+ years of industry experience to utilize unique technologies and offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art solutions. El-GO TEAM specializes in security barriers against vehicular terror attacks, and the BLG-02-SM-200 Shallow Mount Bollard is the latest in our extensive product catalogue.

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      Product BLG-02-SM-200
      Height Above Road (H) 1000mm/ 39.37"
      Foundation depth 175mm/ 6.9"
      Bollard Diameter (D) 220mm/ 8.7"
      Bottom footprint "1460mm(L)x 1000mm(W)
      57.48"" (L) x 39.37""(W)"
      Protection Level PAS68:2013 V/7500(N2)/48/90:0.0/0.0
      57.48"" (L) x 39.37""(W)"
      Unit weight 310kg/683lbs
      Finish Hot Galvanized, Powder coated,
      any RAL color, Stainless steel cover
      Available Removable option