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    Soon to be launched internationally.

    Combining elegance with top perimeter control, the BLG-05 Electro-Hydraulic K-12 certified bollard is the most robust barricade in the market. Sized 1000 mm (39”) in height and 270 mm (11”) in diameter, the K-12 certified bollard features top-quality materials, and its hot-dip steel coating enhances sturdiness and durability.

    The electrically-operated K-12 certified bollard is IP68 rated, so its drive unit is completely sealed and can operate even when completely immersed in water. The bollard comes with a broad range of power options, ranging from 120V to 380V. Its rising time is just 5 seconds, and its retracting time is 2 seconds.

    The bollards entail low operational and maintenance costs. They are ideal for cases where strong barricades are required, as the barrier can block a 6.8-ton vehicle driving at 85kph. The bollards are K-12 certified, and were double-tested for ASTM F2656 07-M50 and PAS68:2010. Additionally, the BLG-05-EH’s versatile design enables individually operating each bollard, as well as using the system as a standalone product or integrated with other advanced access control technologies.

    The Electrical Actuator features a simple design which enables easy installation, offering maximum reliability and substantially less maintenance than hydraulic systems, and dramatically reducing costs. Our patented Electrical Actuator offers a variety of benefits. It is environmentally friendly, as it is oilfree, with a high-energy efficiency of 87%. It can be safely used even in challenging weather conditions – extreme temperatures, sand, dust, rain, ice and flooding. It is IP 68 certified, and operates even while submerged under water. The Electrical Actuator allows precise control of acceleration and deceleration, enabling the bollards to move quietly and smoothly. The system features high performance - a 100% duty cycle of 4 operations per minute, allowing for a swift bollard rise in 2.5 seconds, or in 1 second in emergency. In addition to the automatic operation, the EA-02-1.2 also supports manual operation for the bollards’ up/down functionality during power outages.

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      Product BLG-05-EA
      Height Above Road (H) 900mm/35" - 1000mm/39"
      Sleeve height (I) 1.84m/ 72"
      Bollard Internal Overlap ( O) 0.7m/27.5"
      Bollard Diameter (D) 270mm/ 11"
      Regular operation speed 5 sec
      Emergency fast operation (EFO) 3 sec
      Resistance "ASTM F2656 07-M50-P1-Zero penetration
      PAS68:2010 V/7500[N3]/80/90
      7.5 ton/ 85kph/ 15,000lbs/53mph
      Bollard continue to work after crash"
      IP Rate IP 68 can work completely submerged in water
      Operation temp -20+60 C/ -4 +140 F Heating unit is optional
      Finish Zinc/Paint/ Stainless/Polyurea
      Options Heating/ Led/ EFO
      Actuator Electrically driven - electric wire connections only (No hydraulic pipes)
      Limit switch Inductive UP DOWN limit switches
      Power 1.1 Kw three phase motor, power supply suits customer requirements
      Cycles per day 2700
      MCBF 1,500,000 cycles