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    BLG-02-SA (K4/M30 Equivalent)
    EL-04/05/06-up to 8m

    Manual bollard BLG-04/05-SA (K8/K12)

    The BLG-04/05-SA are manually operated bollards coming in ratings of K8/M40 and k12/M50. Bollards are run on hydraulic piston. The bollard is pumped to an upper position by use of a handle and when the key is released, the bollard retracts by sheer gravity. With the option to operate different bollards separately, this top-notch security product can come handy when controlling traffic in less utilized lanes. Besides, no underground cabling is required to connect the various systems and excavation required is only for the bollards sleeves. Created using advanced technologies and extensive manufacturing experience of ELGOTEAM, the BLG-04/05 SA is easy to install and maintain. Additionally, it features a rigid and simple to operate system that corresponds to the requirements of the anti-terrorism protection. Apart from having different ratings, the K8 and K12 semi-automatic bollards also differ in height and excavation depth. The K8 stands at 750mm and the K12 at 1000mm.

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      Height above road (H)750mm/29.5"900mm/35" - 1000mm/39"
      Foundation depth1.75m/68.9"2.0m/78.7"
      Internal casing (I)1590mm/ 62.5"1840mm/ 72"
      Bollard internal Overlap (O)0.6m/ 16"0.7m/27.5"
      Bollard dimeter (D)270mm/ 11"270mm/ 11"
      ResistanceASTM F2656 07-M40-P1-Zero penetrationASTM F2656 07-M50-P1-Zero penetration
       6.8 ton/ 65kph/ 13,600lbs/40mphPAS68:2010 V/7500[N3]/80/90
       Bollard continue to work after crash7.5 ton/ 85kph/ 15,000lbs/53mph
        Bollard continue to work after crash
      OptionsLed lights, Hot deep galvanized with ss coverLed lights, Hot deep galvanized with ss cover