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    Case Study Tashkent Uzbekistan Airport
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    Using Our EL -09-1 Heavy Concrete Arm Barrier to Secure Remote Locations


    While the EL-GO TEAM boasts over 30 years of experience in designing, developing, manufacturing, supply, and installation of security solutions, they still face challenges, which require specialized skills and expertise. One such problem is the installation of arm barriers in areas with extreme weather conditions. In this particular case, we take a look at how our team installed a heavy duty arm barrier model EL-09- 1 in a snowy area where temperatures were extremely low.


    As a testament that we as EL-GO TEAM have what it takes to provide security solutions to various organizations and government-related bodies regardless of their location, we embarked on a mission to try and install our products in a remote area with extreme weather condition. In this case study, we used the EL-09-1 concrete arm barrier which boasts K4 and K8 impact resistance.  With the low temperatures experienced in the area, we were bound to face a few challenges.

     For starters, the environment we were working in could not allow any ground excavation. This meant that the project called for the use of premium-quality security products that don’t need to be buried deep into the ground.  Additionally, the low temperatures brought a myriad of problems on the concrete. Besides slowing the setting and hardening of the concrete, low temperatures may also lead to the formation of ice lens and expansion within the pore structure. Due to the low ambient temperature, specialized techniques were adopted to help cure the concrete.

    About the EL-09-1 Heavy Duty Concrete Arm Barrier

    A culmination of state-of-the-art expertise and forward-looking technology, the EL-09-1 is a spectacularly designed movable barrier that provides superior protection. This massive duty arm barrier can be easily installed without the need for excavation. All you need is to pour concrete on the barrier, and you will be ready to go. The product comes with K4 and K8 impact resistance, a powerful operating system, and is ideal for border and airport checkpoints, harbor entrances, and army bases entry points.

    Outstanding Features of the EL-09-1 Concrete Arm Barrier

    • Rapid installation (2-3 hours)
    • Low maintenance
    • K4 or K8 impact resistance
    • Suitable for heavy-duty operation

    Additionally, the EL -09-1 concrete arm barrier comes with a full heating system which enables it to fight extreme low temperatures, and also boasts manual operation in case there is a power outage.

    Final Verdict,

    With the broad range of innovative security products, EL-GO TEAM provides you with flexible solutions that can help improve security in commercial and government related structures. Our unique products can be tailored to resonate with the individual needs of the clients or coined to adhere to the demands of various locations. The heavy-duty concrete arm barrier model EL-09-1 is a perfect example of a product that can be used in any place whether it is an airport checking point in a snow area, an army base in a dessert or border point checkpoints.