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    Securing Airport Driveways –Case Study Tashkent Uzbekistan Airport

    Over the last three decades, the ELGOTEAM Security Systems have been on the forefront in the development, manufacturing, supply, and installation of high-end security systems in airports and government buildings. By constantly generating state-of-the-art anti-terror and security products, ELGOTEAM has provided permanent solutions for organizations, especially those in open spaces, as well as those with runways and driveways.  The company offers a broad range of products for your security concerns, while at the same time maintaining the aesthetics of the existing structures and environment. In this case, their focus was the Tashkent Uzbekistan Airport which is one of the places where they showcased their expertise in the installation of comprehensive security solutions.

    Why It is Important to Secure Airports

    Although terrorism didn't start yesterday, it is only in recent years that it has become a thorn in the flesh for many organizations and countries around the globe. Incidences of terrorists ramming into crowds on driveways or underground paths have become rampant resulting in massive casualties. For this reason, it has become extremely crucial for government agencies as well as private organizations to adopt counterterrorism measures such as the use of barriers and bollards to guarantee the safety of their citizens, clients or customers. The restrictions are also useful tools to help guide individuals into parking spaces. While limiting access to certain public places such as airports is daunting, sophisticated products such as those supplied by the ELGOTEAM have come in handy to help solve this problem. With 30 years of innovative experience, ELGOTEAM provides versatile and robust security solutions for a vast array of demands and configurations.

    How We Approached the Tashkent Uzbekistan Airport Security Installation

    At the Tashkent Airport, ELGOTEAM installed various security products to ensure that they block vehicles from ramming into pedestrians on the runways or the structures inside the airport. Since the issue of installation depth was a concern, the team needed to use products that don’t require much excavation. For instance, the wedge barrier used at the Tashkent Uzbekistan required only 350mm depth and the arm barriers complementing the wedge barriers required shallow foundation as well. The entire security vehicle barriers are crash certified ASTM/PAS68 AND IWA-14, meaning that they can stop vehicles of various weights and sizes. Other items that were installed include the EL-09-1 arm barrier, traffic lights, and other security products.

     ELGO TEAM offers full line security using a myriad of products that have been carefully developed by skilled professionals using the highest quality materials.  ELGOTEAM provides not only unique and premium-quality products but also offers full security solutions. Their security systems can be operated either manually or automatically using new technologies such as remote controls, LPR, biometric IDs, magnetic cards and many more.

    With the ever-increasing mobility of people and goods around the world, airports are facing the challenge of providing robust security. However, if they leverage reputable and skilled security system manufacturers and designers such as ELGOTEAM, they can receive intelligent safety and security solutions, which are tailored to protect assets, passengers, and infrastructure.  With a team of highly skilled professional in every aspect from manufacturing to installation, ELGO TEAM offers not only the security products but also the know-how to safeguard the critical parts of an airport within the impact of everyday operations and the scope of the international security standards.

    Here Are Few Products in Their Portfolio

    Wedge barrier Certified according to ASTM M50 (Model A260 OPTIMUS)

    The Wedge Barrier from ELGOTEAM is a product of advanced technology and innovation implemented by the best engineers in the company. It offers maximum security against the entry of unauthorized wheeled vehicles at sensitive entry points. The product successfully passed the crash test according to ASTM M50., and it only requires 350 mm depth. It is equipped with an authentic electrically controlled actuator and features a manual operation which can be used in case of power outage. 

    Concrete Arm Barrier EL-09-1 Certified according to ASTM M40 (k8)

    The premium-quality EL-09-1 Arm Barrier is suitable for massive duty operations. The all-weather product is fast and reliable and can be paired with any other security systems.  It is used mainly in airports and harbor entrances and can be operated through various control systems such as magnetic card readers, mobile phones, remote controllers, LPR Cams and RFID guard station push button. It extends up to six meters, and it passed the crash test according to ASTM M40.

    Retractable Bollards Certified according to ASTM M30/M40 and M50

    With formidable strength that helps secure high-risk areas such as sidewalks, buildings, and facilities, the retractable bollards are some of the most effective barriers from the ELGOTEAM. They come in various types depending on the impact they can withstand as per the crash test. They Include:

    1. K12 Bollards

    The crash certified k12 bollard is a fully waterproof and aesthetically appealing product that offers the highest level of perimeter control. The K12 is ASTM Certified M50 and comes with an optional LED lighting. It can be electrically, pneumatically and semi-automatically operated.

    1. K8 Bollards

    The K8 Bollards can be manual, pneumatic, or hydraulic operated and it extends to a height of 750cm. With an M40 rating, you can be sure that this bollard can stop a 6.8 ton vehicle moving at 65 KPH.

    1. K4 Bollards

    With M40 crash rating, this bollard can withstand an impact of 6.8 ton vehicle traveling at 48 KPH, requires an excavation depth of 1400 mm only and its dimensions are 700mm in height and 220 mm in diameter.

    Final Verdict,

    If you are given the role of finding a lasting solution for the security of runways and underground paths in government structures or airport driveways, look no further than the ELGOTEAM. Their innovative, experienced and talented professionals have combined their expertise to design and develop some of the best airport security products in the market. They also offer comprehensive security solutions that resonate with every product they supply. All their products ranging from security lights to barriers are synchronized to provide the best results without changing the aesthetics or appearance of the environment.