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    Concrete security barriers

    Concrete Security Barriers

    There are increasing security threats throughout the world. Whatever the reasons, making your security intact and your defenses unbreachable is our mission.

    We specialize in the art of designing and making security barriers. In every aspect of our lives, we need to stay balanced. An impregnable k12 barrier, economical price, and environmentally friendly features, all the spices to bring perfect balance!

    We have developed high security concrete barriers that are K12 crash rated along with environmentally friendly features - as plants can be grown inside the barriers. It is an attempt to combine security and environmental protection, making these robust barriers less horrifying to the public.

    Unbreachable security

    These barriers will make an unbreachable boundary around you!

    These K12-rated crash protection barriers are ideal for enhanced border security, a deadly combination of strength and affordability.

    Concrete barriers form a physical security barricade, blocking any vehicle from entering the protected premises. A setback distance defined by these barriers keeps any suspicious and dangerous vehicle, person, or any other moving or static object at a safe distance.

    Broad application

    ELGOTEAM’s concrete barriers are not restricted to any specific area for their application. Any ground preparation or excavation are also not required. You can place these barriers anywhere you want, and they will perfectly work as your security barricade.

    Our movable security barriers allow you to grow plants in them. In this way, they will provide a pleasant look and enhance the beauty of their surroundings.

    Following are some significant places where these barriers can be planted.

    • Government buildings
    • Airports
    • Commercial buildings
    • Around houses
    • Hotels
    • Schools and colleges

    Movable barriers

    Our  barriers can be moved  from one location to another without much difficulty.
    These plants containing security barriers are not static as no installation, ground preparation or maintenance is required. If the site is not needed to be protected anymore, you can move these barriers to another site that needs protection.
    A lot of money can be saved by possibility to relocate these barriers.

    Ready for bulk orders!

    Our doors are open to all, from a single barrier to bulk orders!

    We are producing as many  concrete security planters  as you need. Just reach out, tell us your requirements, and we will create and deliver according to your expectations.

    The demand for ELGOTEAM's barriers breaks all those geographical boundaries. We have just received a bulk order of concrete security plant barriers from a country in Africa, and we are very excited to work with security companies and individuals around the world.


    Concrete security planters  are essential to maintain a safe distance between sensitive sites and suspicious moving objects and individuals.

    Government, military, and other civilian security agencies need these high security barricades to reinforce their defenses. Our barriers provide uncompromised safety and security, which is the main concern of these institutions to ensure public safety.

    We deal in all kinds of security barriers. Our bulk orders are a sign of trust and reliability. You can also place your custom order, and we will deliver a product that exceeds your expectations.

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