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    EL-01/02 – pneumatic arm barrier
    BLG-02-R (K4)

    Crash Rated Fixed Bollards

    With thousands of other high-end security solutions being used around the globe, ELGOTEAM has undoubtedly set the benchmark for others when it comes to securing high risk, high profile, and isolated compounds. In their robust portfolio of cutting-edge security products, you will also find the crash rated fixed bollards. These versatile and rigid solutions which come at levels of K4/M30, K8/M40, and K12/M50 have been rigorously tested and certified by reliable and authorized crash test facilities, and they have proved to uphold the highest standards of repelling terror attacks and unwarranted access
    With a simple and straightforward installation, these security products can be used in various locations to stop vehicle ramming or improve the aesthetics. These barriers are designed to be fixed in a permanent position and are available in a wide range of finishes including stainless steel or zinc colored gold or silver. When searching for barricades to block a lane permanently or barriers that are both strong and trendy, fixed bollards are the ideal selection.

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      Product BLG-02/04/05 Fixed
      Fixed bollards 700mm/27.5", 750mm/29.5", 1000mm/39"
      Foundation depth 1000m / 39.3" ,
      Bollard Internal Overlap ( O)300 mm / 12" , 1200mm/ 47.24",1200mm/ 47.24"
      Bollard Diameter (D)220 mm / 9", 270"/11", 270mm,/11"
      Resistance K4/ K8/K12, M30/M40/M50
      OptionsLED lights, Hot deep galvanized with stainless steel cover.