Road Blocker
15 בApril 2019
22 בApril 2019

Damper Barrier

The ELGOTEAM advance damper system blocks unauthorized vehicles from entering controlled passages. The system is specifically designed as an upper surface mount, to be installed in existing compounds such as parking lots, where digging is neither allowed nor possible. The damper system is modular and it can be custom ordered to fit any entrance width.

System is available both in pneumatic and electric version, with a manual override. System rating scored ASTM C50 to stop vehicles of up to 1 ton driving at 80kph.

Download product data sheet
ProductDamper system
Height above road450mm/ 17"
Foundation depthSurface mount
Speed2.5sec/ 3 sec
Resistance1.1on/ 80kph
Unit length*900mm/ 35"
OperationPneumatic / Electric &Manual
Operation per hour200
IP RATEIP68 can work when completely submereged in water
Operation temp-20+60C/-4+140F
*Also available in 3500mm/ 11.48ft or 2500mm/ 8.2ft

*Each control box operates up to 3 units together (total 2700mm/ 8.86ft)