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    Unique Electrical Actuator EA-02-1.2 | ELGO TEAM | Security System Providers

    EL-GO TEAM, a manufacturer and provider of innovative Access Control and Anti-Terror Security Systems, has launched an advanced electrical actuator for its Security Anti Crash Bollard series. The patent-pending EA-02-1.2 Electrical Actuator enables a variety of operational and cost advantages for users.

    The Electrical Actuator is environmentally friendly, as it is oil-free, with a high-energy efficiency of 87%. It can be safely used even in challenging weather conditions – extreme temperatures, sand, dust, rain, ice and flooding. The EA-02-1.2 is IP 68 certified, and can operate even while submerged under water.

    EL-GO TEAM’s Electrical Actuator allows precise control of acceleration and deceleration, enabling the bollards to move quietly and smoothly.  With its simple design, the EA-02-1.2 offers maximum reliability and substantially less maintenance than hydraulic systems, substantially reducing costs as well.

    The system features high performance - a 100% duty cycle of 4 operations per minute, allowing for a swift bollard rise in 2.5 seconds, or in 1 second in emergency.


    For the customer’s convenience, in addition to the automatic operation, the EA-02-1.2 also supports manual operation for the bollards’ up/down functionality during power outages. 

    “With our innovative electrical actuator, we aim to lead the industry by supporting the transition from hydraulic to electric systems, which offer a variety of operational, cost, and performance advantages”, said David Hever, CEO, EL-GO TEAM. 


    About EL-GO TEAM

    EL-GO TEAM develops, manufactures and supplies Access Control and Anti-Terror Security Systems since 1991. With its engineering and security expertise, it develops security Anti Crash Bollards, Arm Barriers, Road Blockers, Spikes Systems and Computerized Control Systems. EL-GO TEAM creates customized solutions and unique applications according to the customer’s needs.

    The company’s products are installed in airports, army bases, police academies, governmental offices, UN facilities, hotels, banks, pedestrian areas etc.

    EL-GO TEAM is a global company, serving its customers through a worldwide network of offices and distributors.

    Addressing the growing demands of today’s world for smart solutions relying on sophisticated technology, EL-GO TEAM ensures all its products stand up to the rising standard of demand.