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    Electrical Actuator

      El-Go Team - Electrical Actuator


    ELGOTEAM has launched an advanced electrical actuator for its Security Anti Crash Bollard series.

    The patent-pending EA-02-1.2 Electrical Actuator enables a variety of operational and cost advantages for users.

    The EA-02-1.2 also supports manual operation for the bollards’ up/down functionality during power outages.


    With our innovative electrical actuator, we aim to lead the industry by supporting

    the transition from hydraulic to electric systems, which offer a variety of operational, cost, and performance advantages.

    El-Go Team meets all the necessary standards

    About Us

    EL-GO TEAM, developing, manufacturing, and supplying Access Control and Anti-Terror Security Systems, since 1991.

    We’ve been continuously offering products that have been recognized as highly reliable and with the ability to fulfill their role for years with no maintenance failures.

    EL-GO Team provides flexible and complete security solutions for a variety of demands and configuration. Securing most sensitive sites worldwide including armed forces facilities, civilian and official institutes.

    Modern Machinery

    Utilizing a unique, modern production process with machines of the highest quality standards.

    Wide Variety

    wide variety of products that are meant to prevent an intrusion of unwanted vehicles and personal into secured compounds.

    Certified and Inspected

    Our factory meets very high global standards and thus is routinely inspected and maintained at the highest level of quality, to ensure the performance of our products.

    Technical Expertise

    Our experts have been with the company for over 30 years, specializing in security solutions. We are a global leader and provide superior solutions for your needs.