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    Modular Traffic Light system for Safe & Secure Access Control

    Traffic lights are important for the smooth traffic flow and to avoid mishaps. In this era of fast-paced technology, traffic lights can do more than simply guide the traffic. You can use traffic light poles to verify vehicles entering your territory through the advanced features installed in them. To achieve this feat, you have to choose a Modular Traffic Light system rather than the conventional one.

    Why is Modular Traffic Light system (MTL) Better?

    In conventional traffic lights, you can only get the Red and Green different signals to the access. In MTL, the pole is composed of several modular segments, and you can choose the appropriate security benefit matching your needs. Additionally, a modular traffic light system is much more reliable than a traditional traffic light system, and it is also much easier to maintain.

    Why Is EL-GO Team Modular Traffic Light system Suitable for You?

    EL-GO Team Access Control and Anti-Terror Security systems never fail to provide ultimate security to your high-profile sites. Let’s uncover the impressive features of EL-GO Team MTL:

    • Easy to install.
    • Apart from traffic lights, you can get RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), LPR (License Plate Recognition), an intercom and a control panel, installed in the pole. The company allows you to choose different combinations depending on your needs.
    • The height can be picked from 1350-1850mm, whereas the diameter is around 220mm.
    • The manufacturing is highly durable and power-coated to eradicate the trouble of painting over and over.

    Wrapping Up

    When choosing a traffic light system, pick the option that gives you other security features as well. MTL is best in its domain, and make your purchase from a well-known company like EL-GO Team to ensure the best quality.