Retractable Bollards

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Retractable Bollards – When Security Matters Does Accessibility

If you’ve ever visited a pedestrian mall like Times Square in New York City, or Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, VA or The Grove in LA – you’ve probably encountered your fair share of bollards. Of course, this isn’t the only place bollards are installed, but it seems to be a frequent location of choice as pedestrian malls tend to intersect city streets where traffic continues to (want to) flow. Pedestrians want to walk the mall to shop, socialize and eat and vehicles want to continue to use the streets that cross through the walk. So how do we control the infrastructure to allow these two parties to co-exist? EL-GO Team has been refining the answer to this question for over twenty years and then implementing a service that provides customers with exactly what they’re looking for: retractable bollards.

Retractable Bollards

Bollards look about how they sound, they are small and durable pillars that are usually secured into the ground to act as a security barrier for a piece of property. Bollards are crash-tested to ensure that even the most clumsy or careless of driver would be caught in the bollards front line defense. They often separate traffic on accessible roadways from sites that prohibit driving. You may see bollards at shopping malls, schools, municipal buildings, banks or a number of other places that require restricted vehicle travel.

Retractable Bollards


Installation and Maintenance

The installation of a retractable bollards requires a professional as there are many components to ensuring that bollards operate correctly. Most retractable bollards need to have proper drainage because standing water can damage the moveable parts, however, EL-GO Team has designed the retractable bollard that will function in a full flood zone! Their bollards provide quick access (retract within 3 seconds) for vehicles needing to go beyond their bounds and can stay underground for short-term or long-term timeframes. This unique retractable bollards can also be controlled individually, giving the customer ultimate control over accessibility.  EL-GO Team’s retractable bollards require no maintenance compared to other security system manufacturers and have been high-crash tested and certified at the K4, K8 and K12 levels.

Retractable Bollards

EL-GO Team’s retractable bollards can be made with zinc (gold or silver), stainless steel, powder coated or be painted to match the property aesthetics. With other manufacturers, cooler conditions can present challenges if the bollards don’t take care of as standing water will turn to ice and ice will, presumably, prohibit the bollards from extending or retracting. With EL-GO Team’s retractable bollards an innovative heating system is provided at installation that allows the bollards to function optimally at even extreme temperatures.

If accessibility and security are important to you then there is no better method of attack than to solicit the help of retractable bollards from EL-GO Team. With over twenty years of experience in the field, they know how to best protect you.

For more details about the EL-GO Team’s retractable bollards system contact us at [email protected]


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