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    Road Blockers


      Road Blockers

    EL-GO TEAM offers a barrier solution for every need.

    EL-GO TEAM's OPTIMUS A260 Wedge Barrier - for sites that require the highest level of protection.

    EL-GO TEAM's DAMPER systems - a more urban quick solution for any facility or parking lot.

    Types of Road Blockers

    Optimus Road blocker

    Optimus Road Blocker ASTM M50 P1 Certified

    Road Blocker

    Crash certified road blocker, OPTIMUS, is the result of years of experience and engineering knowhow implemented by EL-GO TEAM's leading engineering team. OPTIMUS barrier successfully passed a full-scale crash test according to ASTM F2656-07 M50 (6.8-ton truck at 50mph/80kph). The barrier scored P1 (zero penetration) and continued to work following the massive impact. Fully visible Led lights and safety skirt are optional, that help softens the heavy-duty general look making it suitable for a wide range of sites

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      Damper at ELBIT

      Damper Barrier

      Road Blocker

      The EL-GO TEAM advance damper system blocks unauthorized vehicles from entering controlled passages. The system is specifically designed as an upper surface mount, to be installed in existing compounds such as parking lots, where digging is neither allowed nor possible. The damper system is modular and it can be custom ordered to fit any entrance width. System is available both in pneumatic and electric version, with a manual override. The system is engineer designed to withstand a ASTM C50 impact to stop vehicles of up to 1 ton driving at 80kph.

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        EL-GO Team meets all the necessary standards

        About Us

        EL-GO TEAM, developing, manufacturing, and supplying Access Control and Anti-Terror Security Systems, since 1991.

        We’ve been continuously offering products that have been recognized as highly reliable and with the ability to fulfill their role for years with no maintenance failures.

        EL-GO Team provides flexible and complete security solutions for a variety of demands and configuration. Securing most sensitive sites worldwide including armed forces facilities, civilian and official institutes.

        Modern Machinery

        Utilizing a unique, modern production process with machines of the highest quality standards.

        Wide Variety

        wide variety of products that are meant to prevent an intrusion of unwanted vehicles and personal into secured compounds.

        Certified and Inspected

        Our factory meets very high global standards and thus is routinely inspected and maintained at the highest level of quality, to ensure the performance of our products.

        Technical Expertise

        Our experts have been with the company for over 30 years, specializing in security solutions. We are a global leader and provide superior solutions for your needs.