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    Super Shallow Mount 200mm
    Led Traffic lights

    Security Turnstile

    El-Go Team security turnstile STS-01 is a unique (patented) product that provides solutions to both pedestrian access control and security situations potentially created in walk-in compounds. It offers sophisticated solutions for regulating pedestrians’ movements. When systems recognizes a possible suspect, lock in operation is activated. In the event of emergency, system is designed to have arms in the up position creating a free passage way.

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      Product STS-01
      External measurments2400mmH,1160mmW,1200mmL
      Internal measurments2100mmH,760mmW,1200mmL
      Speed6 sec for each cycle (adujstable)
      Main functionsBidirectional, lock-in and control release, emergency clear passage
      Power110-230V, 1Phase AC