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    Shallow Mount Bollards:  An Ultimate Solution Against the Vehicle Attack

    Ramming vehicle attacks are the talk of the town and a big challenge for security departments. These terror outbreaks can take people’s lives and must need solid blockage to avoid. Using bollards around the site's perimeter is one solution to prevent unauthorized vehicles.

    But is it necessary to use deep mount bollards everywhere to confirm the ultimate protection? Are the shallow mount bollards enough to meet your security needs? Let's have a deep look at this query.

    Why Shallow Mount Over Deep Mount Bollards?

    Undoubtedly, bollards are the finest way to achieve irresistible security against vehicles attack. However sometimes, we can't afford deep excavation but want protection using bollards. Hence, the shallow mounted bollards are the great solution and have greater flexibility in installation.

    Here are some features that make you choose shallow mount over deep mount bollards:

    1. In some places you are not allowed to make a deep excavation either it’s because of the water close to the surface or archeological finds. But you must install bollards to protect the facility or street. Shallow mount bollards are ultimate solution.
    2. Shallow mount bollards are a greener solution because you don't need a deep excavation, less machinery and less concrete are used. With some basic machinery on-site, you can put these bollards while protecting the surrounding atmosphere.
    3. Shallow mount bollards are crash certified and make sure you are completely saved against heavy-duty vehicles.

    Why Should You Choose ELGOTEAM Shallow Mount Bollards?

    Being a world-leading Access Control and Anti-Terror Security Systems developer and manufacturer, ELGOTEAM provides the best shallow mount bollards for your site safety. Having 30 years’ experience and clients all over the world, there is no exaggeration in saying that you will get something worth investing in bollard security.

    Shallow mount bollards are an impressive addition to ELGOTEAM’s product catalog and offer some exceptional features for the user. Let's dig deep into the key benefits!

    • ELGOTEAM’s bollards have been gone through ASTM or IWA-14 standards to ensure that your high-profile site is entirely secure.
    • You don't need to dig deep for installation, and it can be installed within 200mm. Some options can even fit on the surface as well.
    • Depending on your needs, you can choose between fixed, removable or sliding bollards.
    • These bollards are tested against the 7500 Kg truck coming at 48 km/h or 64 km/h.
    • Considering the appearance, you have a range of options to select the color and finishes as per your surroundings.
    • For different situation and protection level requirements, shallow mount bollards have an excavation depth of 200, 350, 400, or 600 mm.
    • Simple to mount within a few hours.

    Wrapping Up

    Installing bollards is an incredible way to secure your property from ramming vehicles attack. Choose the shallow mount bollards because of easy installation and less hassle in the future. Moreover, the manufacturer also plays a huge role and who could do better than ELGOTEAM. Its vast experience in security systems make ELGOTEAM’s customers feel safe and protected.