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    The Ultimate Revelation Of electrical actuators for Bollard

    Since technology is revolutionizing with every passing day, everyone is seeking some innovative changes around.

    Thanks to the creative minds of the El-Go team for launching a more satisfactory anti-vehicle barrier with an advanced version of the bollard’s actuator, an electrical actuator.

    The innovative electrical actuators enable a more secure and easy access control security system for its users to relish a variety of revolutionized operational, cost, and performance-related advantages.

    How do electrical actuators differ from hydraulic actuators?

    The major issues users encountered with hydraulic actuators were their security, operational cost, and improper functionality. Advanced electrical actuator Bollards are more efficient, ensuring multiple operational and cost advantages for their users.

    The major advantages of electrical actuators over hydraulic actuators is that they are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and anti-vehicle barriers with 87% energy efficiency. You no longer need to pay attention to challenging weather conditions since these oil-free electrical actuators work effectively in extreme temperatures, dust, ice, and flooding conditions.

    TO YOUR EXTREME SURPRISE, the IP 68 certified EA-02 can work as a pro submerged underwater. The precise control over acceleration and deceleration enables the bollards to move smoothly.

    The simpler yet unique design of electrical actuators reduces its cost turning it into a reliable device by requiring less maintenance than hydraulic actuators.

    The anti-ram vehicle barrier system features a simple design with a 100% duty cycle that can handle four to five operations per minute. High-security electrical bollards support manual up and down function for power outages using emergency batteries.

    Bollards will rise in under a second during emergency operation instead of 2.5 seconds in regular operation.

    Quick, innovative Features of Electrical actuator bollards:

    • Environmental friendly
    • Highly efficient, can work manually.
    • Require less maintenance
    • Work efficiently under submerged
    • 100% duty cycle
    • Cost-effective

    About EL-GO team:

    If you looking for the highly securing and reliable access control barriers and you consider yourself a technophile, then this electrical actuator for bollards will indeed click in your mind. Being a responsible citizen, you should always ensure a quality environment around us. El-Go Team are highly concerned about their customers' needs and provide them with a customized solution for every problem.

    “With our innovative electrical actuator, we aim to lead the industry by supporting the transition from hydraulic to electric systems, which offer a variety of operational, cost, and performance advantages,” said David Hever, CEO, EL-GO TEAM.  

    We aim to develop cost-effective, reliable, and high-performing products to meet customers' needs.

    If you want to have more information about El-Go teams and our innovative products, visit and get benefited from our multiple innovative products.