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    ELGOTEAM secures Moscow

    Popular for the striking buildings and architecture, Red Square is the heart and soul of Moscow. The city square has witnessed Russia’s most historic moments and remains a place of interest for visitors and nationals, alike.

    Being one of the famous and most visited places in the World, Red Square needed additional security because of the rise of terrorism in recent years – to protect people and also to prevent damage to the heritage.

    EL-GO Team has been awarded a chance to install at the Red Square retractable electro-hydraulic high-security bollards, adorned with LED lights.

    We took over this project while ensuring that access is provided to the vehicles and traffic remains undisturbed.

    At EL-GO, we aim to preserve the history and beauty of the sites we are securing.

    Why Choose EL-GO?

    EL-GO Team is a leading provider of state-of-the-art anti-terror and access control systems in the world. EL-GO Team has been at the forefront of providing security services to VIP and government facilities in Russia since 2007. EL-GO Team’s services include bollards, road blockers, arm barriers, access control.

    EL-GO Team’s retractable electro-hydraulic bollards are developed to withstand harsh and cold weather situations.

    The bollards are suited for security applications in areas that require a retractable option. They are the best option for ensuring traffic flow and places with limited access. These easy-to-use and cost-effective bollards come with hassle-free maintenance.

    EL-GO Team’s retractable bollards are built with strong and high-quality materials. The installation is done with superior high professional team to secure the heart of Moscow, Red Square.

    If you are looking for a long-lasting security solution for public or private property, EL-GO Team is the best option to choose.
    With years of experience and industry knowledge, our professional team offers the best services tailored to your requirements. We use high quality materials to complete your project. Moreover, we make sure to consider the beauty and aesthetics which takes the project to another level.

    Contact us to share your project details.