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    EL-GO Team Launches Unique Electrical Actuator for Security Bollards

    Vehicle Security Barriers | ELGO TEAM | Security System Providers

    In this article, you will find all the information related to vehicle security barriers. There are many benefits of having vehicle security barriers in. Physical Security is a priority for most places and businesses.

    A good security system is one of the easiest and most effective methods you can increase your physical security.

    What is a vehicle barrier system?

    Bollards, Road blockers and Arm Barriers are security systems that ensuring security control, increasing security on road and able to preventing any type of damage.

    Security barriers don’t allow the unwanted passage of vehicle for the security reasons.

    In simple terms, vehicle barriers are designed to stop or destroy vehicles deliberately driven to the protected areas. These barriers are capable of stopping a vehicle that attempts to break the barrier. Installing vehicle security barriers can prevent a potential attack and to reduce the consequences.

    Security barriers can be controlled and managed manually as well as remotely.

    Bollards, Road Blockers, Arm Barriers and other anti-vehicle barriers are becoming well-known now in the world for security perimeters and installed as security systems to prevent vehicles from entering a safe zone.

    Why these anti-security vehicle barriers are important?

    The security bollards and the barriers are designed according to customers’ needs. It’s tested to different crash levels and certified.

    Vehicle Barrier Systems deliver excellent anti vehicle protection while maintaining secure and easy pedestrian access. These systems are also the key tool to manage the volume of traffic while maintaining security and to provide certain access control points with increased force protection posture. With these kinds of security barrier, people's lives are protected.

    It is used to ensure the security control of entry and exit in places as military areas, communities, organizations and workplaces. Road blockers are barrier systems that

    Where High Security Barriers are used?

    A range of high Vehicle Security parking barriers is available with high-security access control and are designed to resist penetration of an out-of control vehicle.

    Nowadays the high-security vehicle barriers are highly using in the following areas:

    • Car Parking Lots
    • Military Bases
    • Embassies
    • Residential States
    • Restaurants
    • Gated Communities
    • Hospitals
    • Universities
    • Airports
    • Car Rental Agencies

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