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    Shallow Mount Bollards: An Ultimate Solution Against the Vehicle Attack

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    Damper Barrier: An Ultimate Solution of Entrance Security

    A successful business isn’t only about generating more sales and earning a high-profit margin. It should be saved and protected from every aspect as well. Many business owners confuse online security with physical and think that putting cameras around the premises is enough. 

    Apparently, it’s not. The entrance of your business premises should be protected against unauthorized vehicles and people. The ramming vehicle can attack your buildings and cause damage to assets. That’s why vehicle barriers at the entrance are important to confirm the identity of every entering automobile.

    Let’s see how barriers save you from any unforeseen situation. 

    What are Vehicle Barriers?

    A vehicle barrier is any device used to slow down or stop unusual traffic from entering the restricted premises. You will usually see it in commercial areas, private communities, highway mediums, parking lots, and many more. They are not only for stopping the automobiles, sometimes help in lane management and indicator of a threat ahead. 

    Benefits of having Excellent Barrier Systems like DAMPER

    Adding an excellent barrier system at the site entrance makes the security foolproof. A single guard is not enough to stop ramming vehicles.

    • Having a barrier at the entrance lets you verify every entering vehicle and assure you that no unforeseen situation will happen. 
    • Sometimes, accidental trespassers enter your zone unintentionally. But barriers show that it’s a restricted area, and no one can enter casually or just for fun purposes.
    • If you have a proper security system at the entrance, it leaves a good and secure first impression on the customers.

    Why Should You Choose DAMPER Barrier?

    Some vehicle barrier system needs deep excavation to be installed. But that’s not the case with the DAMPER barrier. You can easily mount it on the upper surface where ever you want.

    Moreover, you can place it anywhere as there is no fixed width, and it can be adjusted according to the requirement. The system offers both the electric and pneumatic versions to choose anyone as per the situation. 

    DAMPER barrier ensures high-level security and resist 1 ton weight vehicle driving at 80kph. In addition, the colors are vibrant that can be easily seen at night and in any other condition. 

    If you are looking for a long-lasting security solution for public or private property, EL-GO Team is the best option to choose. With years of experience and industry knowledge, our professional team offers the best services tailored to your requirements.

    We use high quality materials to complete your project. Moreover, we make sure to consider the beauty and aesthetics which takes the project to another level.

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