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EL-GO Team Crash Certified Security Wedge Barrier

EL-GO team is recognised for their innovative designs in contemporary security systems. Their forward thinking approach in all the systems they have developed so far is what has earned them the reputation they are known for. Security concerns are on the rise in numerous parts of the world, and keeping innocent people safe from untimely demise is what motivates them to create solutions that generate results, and in their case, provide ultimate safety.

EL-GO Team Wedge Barrier

In this article, we are going to discuss another product by EL-GO Team, the wedge barrier. The wedge barrier is designed specifically for the entrance points of buildings and compounds that are security sensitive. This product by the EL-GO team offers high anti-ram protection, and is the first choice of premises like banks, depots, embassies, and more. If a vehicle tries to force its way in, the wedge barrier won’t budge an inch. Even if a vehicle approaches at high speeds, it would come to a stop as soon as it comes into contact with their automatic security wedge barrier.

As a security wedge barriers manufacturer, EL-Go Team realised that a single type of security wedge barriers isn’t suitable for all applications. Now, they offer four different types of wedge barriers that are designed keeping in mind the requirements and on-the-ground needs of the security teams that operate them. Let’s discuss their different wedge barriers and the purpose they fulfil as a part of highly sensitive security environments.


EL-GO Team Security Wedge Barrier Types

With their prowess in the security industry, EL-GO Team has designed four wedge barriers. Their models are as follows:

Let us now focus on the specifications and features of each of the models above.

A-260 Optimus

Last but not the least; the Optimus A-260 is a shallow mounted, electrically operated security wedge barrier. Requiring an excavation depth of just 26 cm, the proportions of this heavy duty wedge barrier is 4 meters in length and 2.5 meters in width. With K-12 level of impact resistance, it is designed and built as 7.5 ton barrier that can withstand heavier vehicles approaching at 80 kph.


  • An operation system featuring electrical driven operation
  • It has an emergency operation which has a response time of 2 seconds
  • It has a normal response time of around 3 – 4 seconds
  • This security wedge barrier requires very little maintenance

This wedge barrier is ideally suited for locations like:

  • Army bases
  • Gated Facilities
  • Airports
  • Secured compounds


EL-GO Team takes great pride in its two creations, and these wedge barriers are complete security solutions for all types of security sensitive locations.

Security Wedge Barriers

Security Wedge Barriers

Security Wedge Barrier

Security Wedge Barriers


The third wedge barrier that EL-GO team has in their arsenal is the A-120, a pneumatic/hydraulic barrier that can be shallow mounted. With K-12 level of impact resistance, it is designed and built as a 6.8 ton barrier that can withstand heavier vehicles approaching at 80 kilometers per hour. Requiring a foundation of no more than 50cm, A-120 is still an exceptionally heavy duty security wedge barrier.


  • The response time of the A-120 security wedge barrier is between 4 and 7 seconds.
  • A minimum of 50cm excavation required.
  • The level of maintenance required by the A-120 is minimal.
  • It features an electro hydraulic operation.

This security wedge barrier is ideally suited for locations like:

  • Secured compounds
  • Gated facilities
  • Army bases
  • Airports


Security Damper

The first security road blocker this company offers is a Dumper Barrier. Perfect for preventing the entry of unauthorized vehicles in restricted areas, this security Damper is simple in design and relentless in function. Its unique design and light weight unit can easily be mounted onto a flat concrete surface. The installation process is simple and swift because excavation isn’t necessary. Damper Barriers can be ready for operation within an afternoon. Note that this product is geared towards preventing entry to light to medium weight vehicles only.

This system can be operated both, electrically and pneumatically and is the ideal choice when excavation isn’t possible.


  • At the push of a button, the barrier lifts up in 3 second.
  • Installation is simple, Damper barrier easily mounts on a concrete foundation.

This security damper is ideally suited for locations like:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Construction sites
  • Entrances to mall parking
  • Secured compounds


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