Automatic Bollards

Automatic Bollards - El-Go Team

El-Go Team bollards have been successfully crash tested and certified to the highest standards of ASTM/PAS68 and IWA-14.
This formidable strength is important when you need to secure high profile, high risk facilities and highly secured compounds.
El-Go Team bollards are available in various modes of operation as shown below:

Types of Automatic Bollards


METIS K-4 Surface mount bollards

Automatic bollards

METIS is an innovative all-electric bollards system. High security sliding bollards designed to meet the highest security standards ASTM, IWA and PAS 68. The METIS has a unique all-electric drive unit, with simple and reliable chain drive system.

Mounts on any concrete pad that is thicker than 200 mm using common anchor bolts. With its unique look and technology, the METIS provides a highly advanced and reliable product in the perimeter security area


BLG-02 Electro-Hydraulic K-4 Certified

Automatic bollards

BLG-0-2 Electronic Hydraulic K-4 certified bollard is a flagship product that offers the formidable strength that is required to secure high profile compounds and high-risk facilities such as government properties, army bases, and private grounds. The high-end security product measures 700 mm (27.5”) in height and 220mm (8.6”) in diameter. It also boasts the IP68 rating which means that it is fully operational even when submerged in water. Besides, it comes with a special drive unit with a sealed oil compartment which although it works on a hydraulic system, it doesn’t need oil refill or top up.

BLG-04-Electro-Hydraulic K-8 Certified Bollard

BLG-04-Electro-Hydraulic K-8 Certified

Automatic bollards

The worldwide renowned ELGOTEAM presents the BLG-04-Electro hydraulic K-8 certified bollard, an exquisitely designed anti-ramming product that is ideal for securing government structures, army bases, and other high-profile facilities. The product has been impact-tested by reputable and authorized crash test facilities and is certified to K-8 standard, ASTM F2656 07-M40-P1, which can stop vehicles weighing 6.8 tons driving at 65kph. The K-8 certified bollard is galvanized to prevent corrosion and enhance smooth functioning even when submerged in water.

BLG-05-Electro-Hydraulic K-12

BLG-05-Electro-Hydraulic K-12 Certified

Automatic bollards

Combining appealing aesthetics with the highest level of perimeter control, the BLG-05-Electro hydraulic K-12 certified bollard is the most robust barricade in the market right now. Measuring 1000mm (39”) in height and 270 mm (11”) in diameter, the K-12 certified bollard is constructed with top-quality material, and its hot-dip steel coating enhances its sturdiness and durability. The electrically operated K-2 certified bollard is IP68 rated, meaning that drive unit is completely sealed and it can function even when completely flooded in water. The bollard comes with a broad range of power options that start from 120V and 380V, and it takes just up to 5 seconds to raise the bollard to its standard height and 2 seconds to retract it down to the ground.

El-Go Team meets all the necessary standards

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EL-GO TEAM, developing, manufacturing, and supplying Access Control and Anti-Terror Security Systems, since 1991.

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EL-GO Team provides flexible and complete security solutions for a variety of demands and configuration. Securing most sensitive sites worldwide including armed forces facilities, civilian and official institutes.

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