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    BLG-02 Electro-Hydraulic K-4 Certified Bollard

    BLG-0-2 Electronic Hydraulic K-4 certified bollard is a flagship product that offers the formidable strength that is required to secure high profile compounds and high-risk facilities such as government properties, army bases, and private grounds. The high-end security product measures 700 mm (27.5”) in height and 220mm (8.6”) in diameter. It also boasts the IP68 rating which means that it is fully operational even when submerged in water. Besides, it comes with a special drive unit with a sealed oil compartment which although it works on a hydraulic system, it doesn’t need oil refill or top up.

    This electrically driven hydraulic bollard boasts a stainless steel coating to prevent corrosion, and also comes with optional LED lights for maximum visibility. An excavation depth of 1400mm (55”) is required when installing the BLG-0-2 Electronic Hydraulic K-4 certified bollard. This product has been rigorously tested, and it is certified to K4 standard, meaning that it can stop a vehicle weighing 6.8 tons driving at 48kph. Atop its outstanding features, the BLG-02-EH also boasts an elegant design and look which makes it resonate with the aesthetics of different environments.

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      Product BLG-02-EH
      Height Above Road (H) 700mm/27.5"
      Foundation depth 1.4m/55.1"
      Sleeve height (I)1.2m/ 48"
      Bollard Internal Overlap ( O)0.3m/ 11.8"
      Bollard Diameter (D)220mm/ 8.6"
      Regular Operation speed3 sec
      Emergency fast operation (EFO)1.2 sec
      Resistance ASTM F2656 07-M40-P1-Zero penetration
      6.8 ton/ 65kph/ 13,600lbs/40mph
      Bollard continue to work after crash
      IP RateIP 68 can work completely submerged in water
      Operation temp-20+60 C/ -4 +140 F Heating unit is optional
      FinishZinc/Paint/ Stainless/Polyurea
      OptionsHeaing/ Led/ EFO
      ActuatorElectrically driven - electric wire connections only (No hydraulic pipes)
      Limit switchInductive UP DOWN limit switches
      Power0.37 Kw three phase motor, power supply suits customer requirements
      Cycles per day2700
      MCBF1,500,000 cycles