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    Uniquely designed to provide robust protection without the need for excavation, the heavy-duty EL-09-1 arm barrier is an innovative security product that is ideal for harbor entrances, airports, military facilities and more. This arm barrier can be transported easily, and it boasts two, 4-ton concrete cubes on each end, and a steel arm that can extend up to 6 meters. The M40/K8-equivalent semi-portable arm barrier, EL-09-1, can be installed within several hours, and it requires little maintenance.

    When it comes to resistance, the arm barrier is M40/K8 equivalent certified, meaning that it can stop a 7.5 ton vehicle moving at a speed of 65kmph (40mph). The system is available in a versatile operating system, fully automatic, electrically driven or manual. This heavy-duty arm barrier also boasts other unique features which can be added during installation to enhance security. For starters, it comes with an optional heating unit that ensures that the barrier can operate in any weather condition. Additionally, it features optional loop detectors and traffic lights and can be run using innovative techniques such as using magnetic cards, radio receivers, and mobile phones.

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      Technial Data El-09-1
      OperationElectric/ Manual
      Arm Lengthup to 5.6m/18ft
      Arm Type"Double steel profile
      100*50mm/39*20 inches"
      Steel Cable 2 cables, 19mm/1inches
      Speed6 sec
      Resistance"K8- 6.8ton/65kph
      13600 lbs/40mph"
      Motor3 phase 3HP
      Operation per hour250
      Operation temperatures-40+60C/-40+140 F
      Optional accessories"electromagnetic lock 500kg,
      loop detector, traffic lights,heating"